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07. jun 2021
Microsoft now offers all extensibility capabilities from Project Plan 3 in Project Plan 1.
Allan Rocha
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Very good news for all Microsoft Project customers.

  • You can now start using extensibility capabilities with a Project Plan 1 (previously only available for users in Project Plan 3 and above).
  • This announcement applies to all existing or new Microsoft Project customers.

Project Plan 1 users can now:

  • Create and use custom columns on tables in the Project solution.
  • Create and use 5 custom tables in the Project App.
  • Connect to Project for the web with a third-party application.
  • Access to all capabilities in the Project Accelerator Solution.

For example, Project Plan 1 users can now:

  • Interact with all the customizations made to the Project app based on your organization needs
  • Use all the capabilities that the Project Accelerator Solution includes like creating and managing all components described on Figure 1.

Figure 1 Project Accelerator Solution Components

Start today*

There is no additional configuration/work needed to start using these licenses benefits, you can start using them today! Project Online users are not impacted by this announcement, unless they migrate into P4W.

*Effective application of these benefits are dependent on your license agreement dates and terms. 

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Exclusive Guidance about Project for the web Project Plan 1 licensing updates and how to use Universal Resource Scheduling (URS).

Project for the web Project Plan 1 licensing updates
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