Introducing the re-imagined Microsoft Project

When the new Project service is coming in October we are eager to show you the new features and opportunities for your work with project management.

This week Microsoft has released news about the upcoming new Project service. Just as you have earlier experienced with “Home” and “Roadmap” Microsoft is introducing new features and in this case an entirely new project management experience to your tenant in October 2019. The service will share the same subscriptions as your current Project Online service for Professional and Premium users.

The new Project service will not replace your Project Online solution, but it will be the future project collaboration tool and you can start using it or getting to know the solution in parallel with your current Project Online solution.

There is no official migration plan from Microsoft, but we have made some best practices and guidelines to help our customers on this journey.

You will be invited for a private session in mid-November 2019, meant to be held just right after Microsoft Ignite, where we will communicate in detail about all the upcoming opportunities.

Go to the Office Message Center in the administrator section of your tenant to see the full message from Microsoft and please also read our earlier posts and Allan Rocha's latest blog post about the topic.

We will keep you updated as more information is released and we are looking forward to helping you take the steps towards the future project management experience building on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Your Project Services team at ProActive