Secure deployments to the cloud using Azure DevOps

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Live broadcast
Faster time-to-market and automated deployments by combining Azure Cloud Services with Azure DevOps.
Secure deployments to the cloud using Azure DevOps

Combining Azure Cloud Services with Azure DevOps gives you lots of advantages. One of the biggest and natural advantages is fast “Time to market and automated continuous deployments”. However, some organizations fear that it can also go too fast. We often meet challenges such as:

  • How to setup automated releases governance
  • How to ensure team member “Segregation of Duties“
  • How to secure production environments access and deployments
  • How to do fast-to-market deployments and keep release approval process

Azure DevOps is a great tool that enables customers to have full control of their processes, security, deployments, source code etc.

Azure DevOps is a very complex tool and we will not be able to cover all features in 30/45 minutes. However, we will try to touch base on some of the key areas and give some tips and tricks that will help you drive your cloud deployment further.


  • Introduction
  • Governance and Segregation of Duties
  • SPNs and Service connections
  • Easily setup a release approval process
  • Secure production environments access/connections
  • Questions and Answers
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