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Project Half Double Methodology with Microsoft Project

How to implement Half Double for Portfolio methodology as a tool in your Office 365.

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Live webcast 13. december kl. 12:00 - 13:00

ProActive will present how the Project Half Double for Portfolio methodology can be implemented as tool in your organization using the Microsoft Office 365 and Project. 

We will be showing elements like:

  • Project Pulse Check - a biweekly method of checking the pulse of your key stakeholders
  • Portfolio Priority Grid - could be a priority tool that goes beyond the scientific evaluation of projects and instead enables a leadership dialogue on priorities?
  • Impact checker one-pager - share your project status in a short, sharp and specific way that generates an overview of the current progress in your portfolio

Watch an exclusive interview with Michael Ehlers, Implement Consulting Group, one of the minds behind the revolutionary Project Half Double.