Power Apps - do modern businesses really need it?

Live broadcast
Live broadcast
Is the Microsoft Power Platform and is business intelligence still a way of optimizing business today and how is it affecting employees that are not IT experts?
Power apps

Consultants today stipulate that Power Apps will be the future of all reporting. That will be tested during this broadcast.

Oliver Bendix Nygaard speaks with Senior Consultant from our Data & Analytics division Jakob Kornum about the business side of data and IT and asks how he thinks that data can transform businesses of today or if business intelligence has become a tool for large enterprises only.

During the interview, the following interesting topics will be covered through relevant and to the point questions and live demos:

  • Power Apps in a nutshell – why is it fantastic?
  • How is it relevant?
  • Pricing – is it worth the money?
  • Requirements – is it for everybody?

Stay tuned for a showdown in the broadcasting studio.

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