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Data loading and manipulation for Power BI and Excel with Power Query and M

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ProActive, Rosenørns Allé 1, 1970 Frederiksberg 26. september kl. 09:00 - 28. september kl. 16:00

We are happy to be hosting this masterclass course with one of the most recognized individuals in the world of Business Intelligence – Chris Webb.

This three-day masterclass is a complete course in transforming data in Power BI and Excel using Power Query and M (Power Query Mashup).

Power Query is an intuitive tool, available in both Excel and Power BI, that lets the end-user transform, manipulate, load, consolidate and merge data. In other words, a light-weight modern ETL-tool. Combined with Power Query M which is the scripting language behind the scene for Power Query you can make whatever data transformations that you wish for.

The training is aimed at users of Power BI Desktop and Power Query for Excel that want to learn and master Power Query and M.

The goal of the course is to teach the features of Power Query and M, providing the knowledge to write scripts for common and advanced data transformation scenarios.

All the attendees will receive a copy of the new book about the topic – the book has not been decided yet, as we are awaiting a final release date for a new book coming up.

Prerequisites: Attendees need to have a basic knowledge of the data transformation in Power Query for Excel or Power BI Desktop. A prerequisite of the course can be the participation to a Power Query Workshop, or having an equivalent real world experience.

Price: 9.990 DKK


Day 1

  • Data loading and transformation basic concepts: Power Query, queries and steps
  • Connecting to different data sources: text files, Excel files, relational databases, web services and web pages
  • Using the UI to transform data and add new columns
  • Working with multiple queries
  • Best practices for loading data into Power BI

Day 2

  • Using parameters
  • Introduction to the M language
  • Using functions to combine data from multiple sources
  • Solving problems with M code
  • Taking advantage of query folding
  • Data privacy and the formula firewall

Day 3

  • Working with web services in M
  • Performance tuning and diagnostics
  • Using datapools for advanced data preparation (note: the name “datapool” might change between now and the course)
  • Creating and using custom data connectors in M