Improve development processes with Azure DevOps

Live webcast
In this broadcast we will discuss how Azure DevOps can help you to improve the development processes in your organization.
Azure DevOps

We will focus on how to link different parts together in Azure DevOps while developing new solutions or implementing changes to the existing ones.

Azure DevOps provides a set of features that will improve the quality of software development cycle and help you to implement DevOps practices such as:

  • Azure pipelines – Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices
  • Automated Testing – run tests prior to merge and release new features or bug fixes
  • Pull requests and Branch policies – improve collaboration and review processes

and much more…


  • Brief introduction to Azure DevOps
  • DevOps best practices
  • Deployment of Azure resources using Multi-stage Azure pipelines
  • Working with changes in Azure DevOps
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