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Cloud patterns for data transformation and integration

Have a more structured process for handling data transformation and integrations using Azure Services.

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Today modern organizations deal with huge amounts of data in different formats. Data is transferred between different partners, providers and customers in different channels. Handling data transformation and integration can be quite challenging to deal with. There are many dimensions we need to take into consideration during the transformation process.

Things to think about: how to validate data? how often should data be transferred/transformed? how to handle invalid/corrupted data? and much more.

Fortunately, Azure Services provides many cloud patterns to deal with the different data operations. In this broadcast we will discuss the different data challenges and how some of the commonly used cloud patterns can help your organization to have a more structured process for handling data transformation and integrations.


  • Introduction
  • Common business cases
  • Integrations check list
  • Cloud patterns
  • Demos
  • Questions and Answers